Nuku strives to deliver the absolute best for our customers. We also aim to be as eco-friendly as possible. We carefully select each item every step of the way. That first step starts with fabric. Our fabric is made from recycled polyester that is re-spun from post consumer plastics, repurposed polyester, and recycled fishing nets. We love the idea of zero waste and do what we can to follow those practices.

All the packaging used comes from recycled materials making everything biodegradable. When we say all packaging, we really mean it. Our paper tape gets activated by a spray bottle and can be composted in your home garden. We only use recycled cardboard boxes or home compostable mailers. Our manufactures were instructed to never use single use garment bags so once the suits are finished, they get sent right to you without ever touching a plastic bag. Even our marketing inserts are printed on recycled materials! 

When making custom prints or custom colors, we chose digital printing instead of dye. The digital printing process is more eco-friendly for a number of reasons. To start, digital printing produces far less carbon emissions than a printing press. It also produces less waste for the machine and less waste on our end. We can order the exact amount of fabric we need printed and print it in small batches. This eliminates dead stock or excess fabrics. 

Lastly, every suit that we produce is made right here in Orange County, California. Not only does this cut down on carbon missions (nothing gets flown from overseas) but it also promotes local job growth in our area. We strongly believe in fair, equal pay for all working women and men. 

Sustainability is huge for us and we hope to inspire the future generations to feel the same.